Baileys Horse Feeds

Baileys have been an absolutely incredible, providing not only the best quality feeds for keeping my horses especially keeping
in tip top condition.  But also the help of Lorna one of their highly skilled nutritionists to advise on a full feeding and
supplements program.  The introduction of their new Endurance feed has been particularly helpful for performance horses in
intensive training.


Need no introduction to fashion conscious, they produced cool, attractive clothes suitable for sport and the outdoors, or as
casual everyday way.  This is the sponsor who has produced the most envy from my friends!  Joules has been a very active
sponsor of equestrian sports from event riders, polo teams and british young rider teams.  We have all seen their booths
crowded out at the shows.  They are expanding into US now and can be found through frantisi, who supply the popular Dover
Saddlery, and are also expanding their shops in the UK.  Their new seasons clothes include the old favourites of polo shirts
and great jackets, but also add more sophisticated knits.


US based company providing miracle under saddle thin pads which absorb concussion.  
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