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Eleanor Brennan Eventing provides  

Based out of  Gloucestershire in U.K. and Carousel  Farm, Charlottesville, Virginia
in USA.

Dual location and contacts in the equestrian sports on both sides of the Atlantic
allows us to source/produce or train (your horses in UK/Europe and if preferred
sell in the strong US market).

- 2004 Eleanor,(a UK citizen, US/UK resident), aged 17 was the youngest
advanced level event rider in the USA.
-  Area  2(East  Coast) Advanced  Champion.

-  2005 completed Badminton successfully halfway up leader board as youngest
rider by and for several years.

-   Trained with the best:Olympian coaches & competitors: Kim Severson, Sandy  &
Mark Phillips, Carl Hester, Jeanette Brakewell, Yogi Breisner, Phillip Dutton &
David Green , AUS.

-  She has trained in equine business management at Hartpury College on thier
prestigious eventing scholarship and USPC graduate/winner of the prestigious
USPC Cavalry Award 2004.
Carousel Farm,
Virginia, USA
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Extract from interview for Horse Magazine 2006

This is my third year competing advanced with my no.1 horse, and this season I am aiming for Punchestown CCI ** with my
intermediate ride, and am also running a young horse pre-novice.  

My riding started  when my family moved from Wimbledon, to “horse country”, USA, that is the State of Virginia, south of Washington DC.  
Virginia is the land of blue heat haze, rolling green hills, white fences and plantation houses.  My family bought an old farmhouse and
some land and pretty soon fences and horses followed. For many years I looked after my horses and sister’s ponies at home.  

However after my two star debut in 2003 when young riders teams were the ambition I had to admit that I was not eligible, not being a
US citizen, but British.  Kim Severson, who had been helping me with my training, suggested that I should try to get over to the UK for a
year or two. Unreasonably my parents insisted I finished high school first!  

After much negotiation in 2004 I set off for a “gap” year.  We travelled with Kim and her horses to Chatsworth CIC, she went back to
Virginia, one week later, but…. I am still here. The gap year, spent based with dressage trainer Sandy Phillips at Aston Farm, and now I
feel right back at home in UK. Although I still enjoy spending time in the blue hills of Virginia.

Why do you love eventing?

I love eventing because it is the most complete test of both horse and rider, and in the complexity of preparing the horse for the three
day challenge the ultimate test of horsemanship.  

How did you get into eventing?

My Grandfather now in his 90s, competed for the British Army in the 1930s in the forerunner of modern day eventing, so I had always
been interested.  Then I moved to Virginia, and at long last was able to start riding,  I already knew my goal was to be an advanced level

Virginia is the epicentre of eventing in the US.  So,even as a young pony clubber, I was able to mix with the best as they schooled young
horses at local shows.  My ambition soon hardened to a worked out set of goals and milestones.  These I recorded on a card in my
trailer door listing a succession of events ready to be struck out as completed.  Starting from the Virginia CCI* 2002, via Foxhall etc., up
to Kentucky ****.  This card did cause many people much incredulity and amusement.

Who were your childhood heroes?
Kim Severson, multiple Kentucky winner, Athens Silver Medallist, David O’Connor (2000 Sydney 3 day Gold medallist), Pippa Funnell,
Phillip Dutton

What are your major competitive successes?
2005 at 18 the youngest rider, completed Badminton, halfway up the starting field. 2004, in first season advanced (youngest competing
at that level in the US), with Bailey Zwei, Advanced champion for Atlantic States (USEA Area 2, VA, NC, NJ, PA, etc.), 10th place Bramham

What about your training

 based with:Dressage trainer:  Sandy Phillips Olympic dressage rider and with husband Capt. Mark Philips trainer of American
national event team, occasional help with showjumping by Yogi Breisner, British team coach

From 2000  Kim Severson 2004 FEI no.1 eventing rider. Rolex Kentucky **** champion, 2000/02/04, Blenheim champion 2002, World
Equestrian Games team gold medallist, 2002, Olympic silver medallist Athens 04

What are your competitive hopes for the future?

I hope to make top 20 placings at a 4 star, in the next two years, and to bring up the intermediate horse to strong placings at least 3 star
level.  I would love to compete in the Kentucky, Rolex, as this is where I spent my formative years rooting for and bag carrying for Kim
and the other local heroes, and after all it is the event still not crossed out on the card on my trailer door.   

Competitive dreams as oppose to hopes, compete for my country one day, and heck (as one who saw Pippa complete it at Burghley)
the grand slam.

More realistically to continue to have the opportunity to produce and compete talented youngsters up through the levels to the top of their
ability, I have enjoyed instructing and would like to do more in developing students.

Where can we see you compete this year?

Punchestown, Aston le Walls, Belton, Chatsworth,  Luhmuhlen,  Gatcombe, Hartpury, Burghley …and at an event near you.

What’s been your most embarrassing moment?        

Too many to mention,….....    Being eliminated at fist 3 star outing, Foxhall Cup, for turning up at cross country without medical
armband.  Note to competitors always check your “tack” as well as the horse’s!  Top hat blowing off during advanced championship

What moment in your career has given you most pride?

When I started recognized eventing in 2000, aged 13, at intro/beginner novice level, my Grandfather, former British Army rider, then 89,
joked that he better stay alive to see me around Badminton.   So having him greet me at the end of the cross-country at the last long
format Badminton was my proudest moment

If you could have one horse to compete, dead or alive, which would it be?

Dan, Winsome Andante, triple Kentucky winner, Athens silver medallist.

A relaxing week at a health spa, or a week’s intensive cross country training? cross country
Thongs or Bridget Jones knickers?    Depends on the situation
Chick flick or testosterone-fuelled action movie? Chick flick